ageLOC® TR90® Weight Management Program

Start your 90-day transformation today!

Is this weight management program suitable for me?

ageLOC® TR90® Program is powered by our exclusive science. The innovative products coupled with a simple eating plan and active lifestyle are specially formulated to support ageLOC® TR90® Program for a healthier you. 

The products include protein shakes and three dietary products designed to work seamlessly with the ageLOC ® TR90® Eating Plan to help achieve your weight management goals. 

Do I need to restrict or starve myself to lose weight?

Weight management is never about depriving you of the food you enjoy.

In fact, it is about empowering you with a scientifically-based eating plan that helps you eat the right foods in the right proportions and at the right time! We recommend that you practice mindful eating to maintain your weight, even after the 90-day program.

How do I keep my motivation high and achieve my goals?

The all-new ageLOC® TR90®App will change your life. It offers impressive features to help you track your progress and keep you in check on your goals!

Find out why the ageLOC® TR90® App is a game-changer for modern-day fitness goals!

Science-Based Products

Our internationally acclaimed program could be the answer to sustainable and healthy body shaping

Our scientists have developed a range of innovative products based on the most up-to-date scientific research. The result is a healthy and safe approach to weight management, with a program that will help support healthy metabolism, positive mindset and support lean muscles, coupled with a simple eating plan and active lifestyle.

Comprehensive Program

A lot can change in 90 days. The way you eat. The way you move. The way you live. ageLOC® TR90® Program is designed to target three important areas for weight management: healthy metabolism, lean muscle, and appetite control. With ageLOC® TR90® Program, you will find useful tips and tricks to help you successfully combine all three areas on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

ageLOC® TR90® TrimShake has won the 2021 & 2022 Silver Quality Award from Monde Selection

Since 1961, Monde Selection has been evaluating the quality of consumer products from all over the world. Over 80 international experts conduct a 360° quality assessment in a completely independent way. Each product is tasted and tested on numerous parameters carefully selected according to the product category and consumer expectations. Products that meet the Jury's expectations on the evaluation are awarded a prestigious quality award that will guide and reassure the consumer in their purchase process.

A Sustainable Program

You've heard the saying, "eat everything in moderation," but what exactly does that mean?
Master this sustainable and scientifically-proven eating plan, and you'll be in control of your cravings without depriving your love for food.
Enjoy a diverse range of food to maintain balanced nutrition for your body!

Track Your Progress

The all-new ageLOC® TR90® App provides a full suite of features to help you stay on track of your healthy lifestyle seamlessly

More than just an application

The Body Metrics Calculator

will show you how much weight loss so you enjoy better health as you shape your body.

The Meal Journal

will help document your healthy meals fuss-free!

The Progress Tracker

lets you and your consultant view your entire transformation right at your fingertips!

Chat With Experts

to be in the good company of those who want to help you achieve your full body transformation!

Get Inspired By Their Stories

Don't take our word for it; hear from others who have discovered the transformational journey
with ageLOC® TR90® Program and craft your own success story!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1) How does the ageLOC® TR90® Program target weight management?

    1) Target and promote healthy metabolism,
    2) Support lean muscle, and
    3) Promote a positive mood and mindset.
    By targeting all three of these areas, the ageLOC® TR90® Program provides support at every level, supporting your body, your willpower, and your mood. Additionally, the ageLOC® TR90® Eating Plan also provides important support for weight management from a nutritional perspective.

  • Traditional weight management programs may not always distinguish between loss of fat and loss of lean muscle, and these programs often promote unhealthy weight loss practices that can lead to loss of metabolically active muscle tissue. ageLOC® TR90® Program supports lean muscle and promotes an improved metabolism to help you improve your body for a healthier you.

  • Yes, our products are certified halal. You may refer to our website for the halal certification.

  • While you may experience some results by taking the products individually, the ageLOC® TR90® Program is a comprehensive program designed with multiple supplements targeting on weight management, easy-to-follow eating plan and an active lifestyle to help promote healthy weight management in 90 days. We recommend planning with your consultant to find out more! 

  • You are recommended to continue to implement ageLOC® TR90® Eating Plan and portion sizes of proteins, grains, fruits and vegetables, as well as continue to implement tips for physical activity. Individuals may continue to incorporate the ageLOC® TR90® TrimShake into their daily eating plan as well.

  • Nu Skin products are carefully formulated to be safe and effective, but Nu Skin does not test its products on for pregnant individuals. Pregnant or breastfeeding individuals should always consult a physician before using any supplements.

  • Weight management is a personal journey. We recommend planning your transformation goals with your ageLOC® TR90® Program consultant to work out a bespoke program for your goals.